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JewelSoft Shopping List 1.4.4

And only now a great gift the Desktop version of you JewelSoft...

And only now a great gift the Desktop version of you JewelSoft Shopping List is FREE! No need of synchronization. Your desktop version of JewelSoft ShoppingList can create, open and edit files right from your PC on your device.

To make your list use the enclosed items or add your own. Mark the price for each item and your JewelSoft Shopping List will calculate all the money that you are going to spend.

JewelSoft Shopping List is a great way for you to organise your shopping lists. Seperate everything in the enclosed categories or add your own.

Are you tired of watching every day the same skin of your shopping list? JewelSoft Shopping List gives you the oportunityto change it whenever you want.

Now the new version is more stable and robust. You have better connectin between the desktop version and the device. Supports:No need of synchronization -- Desktop version can create,open and edit shopping lists right on the deviceFull screen mode -- Enables to use your desktop space more efficient.

Chooser Mode -- Let`s you to add items in your shopping list quickly. Categories -- Group items into categories! Hide/Show Items In Cart -- Toggle purchased items simply by clicking the cart button on the toolbar.

(Items in cart are shown as crossed out when not hidden). Budget better -- Keeps track of prices and shows you the estimated total. Column Quick Sort -- Sort by location, name, or price, ascending or descending just tapping on the column headers.

Multiple skins -- Supports multiple backgrounds. Customiseble font -- You can choose font and font size for viewing your list. JewelSoft ShoppingList has over 100 enclosed grocery items.

Of course, you can add your own, and JewelSoft ShoppingList will remember themPrint support -- JewelSoft ShoppingList lets you print your shopping list.

Mail support - Updated -- You can mail JewelSoft ShoppingLists to your husbant, wife or friends. Customizable format of the mail. You can select columns and the format of the columns to be included in the mail.

Tax support -- you can set the tax rate and your JewelSoft ShoppingList calculate it immediately. New! Allow to select columns which you want to be displayed in View Item.

(Look in dialog with options)New! Allows to select currency from currencies of over 150 currencies. (Look in dialog with options)New! Added information about currently displayed items and about total items in currently selected category.

New! Import Export fuctionality. Highly customizable import export options. Import/export from many other shopping list are supported. Free Updates for All Of Our Users.

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JewelSoft Shopping List


JewelSoft Shopping List 1.4.4

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